Welcome to the depths of my soul

Its Monday morning and I am sitting on the couch, watching various forms of life compete for my attention. Addi, just two, is down for her nap, and J-toby, 7 months, is eating goldfish nearby, the crackers, not the slimy live ones. The house, which is a jealous lover, or a super sensitive friend of mine, is, as always trying to get me to pay full, complete, undivided attention to it, and various other things, calling out to me for my attention. Welcome to another typical day at my office.

Our house is a constant shifting of life, ebb and flow, cookie and cream. One kid sleeping, one kid up, switch. Other one down, other one up, switch. Both kids down, both kids up. Both kids crying for all their worth, both kids laughing at each other… and who knows why?
Motherhood, heck, all of life, it isn’t meant to be lived alone. One of the few things I remember from college, is that during the years of American frontier and homesteading, the people were healthier and happier when they lived close enough to be involved in their neighbors lives. Nowadays we hardly have to try to live in close proximity with our neighbors. But just because we are often very close in distance to our neighbors, doesn’t mean we are involved in each others lives. What I have found, especially as I have been birthed into the thing called “motherhood” is that we need people. We need older people, younger people, same aged people. We need people to be involved in our lives. People to help us keep our heads out of the sand, and in the game. Friends, family, even relative strangers, to speak “mom-sence” to us. To keep us inspired to keep going. To be our muse, our inspiration, our occasionally needed slap in the face. To convince us that we really can come up with a new dish that our family will eat. To remind us that all the hair that has been pulled out (because we feel crazy or because babies like to pull hair,) will be worth it… and might even grow back. We friends to give us a break from our reality, and a glimpse into someone else’s.
This blog, is a tribute to real, live, mom-sence. A mixture of my thoughts, feelings, problems and solutions. Some photos of our inspired playtime moments, some questions that I ask myself. And hopefully, a link in your social chain of virtual mommy-support.
So welcome, stranger, to the depths of my soul.
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