Its January. A beautiful month. Filled with coldness and snow. High hopes and wishes: some that will soon be forgotten, others that will redefine your life. Welcome to 2011.
Being a mom is so complicated, intricate. When people ask me how I am doing I often am at a loss how to answer. Because there are so many levels on which I could answer, and i don’t know where to start.
One thing is for sure, being a mom requires vast amounts of sacrifice. You become swept away on a journey. A journey in which you loose your pride. A perilous pilgrimage that will bring you to the end of yourself. But you will find things too. You will find yourself to be strong and wise. And most likely, you will find yourself at the foot of the cross. A place of dreary darkness, yet it will fill you with understanding, confidence, and the ability to go on. Through it all, you will gain revelation of true humility, and of the depth of the love of God. And love is where true freedom comes from.