I have been talking about feminism, codependancy, and finding freedom from both.  But instead of writing something heavy today, I am going to take just the slightest detour.

 Both of my kids are sick this week.  Which is interesting, because for a week and a half prior to this, both of my kids, were sick, and so was I.  But we traded the snotty-nose, (“mama, bru-ders got a ‘naughty nose!”) and the coughing for straight up flu.  Yuck.

(On second thought, maybe the snotty nose is still hangin around)

All of this sickness has got me thinking about perspective.  Knowing that you will be up “all night”, sleeping on the couch, watching cartoons at 3:00 in the morning, getting thrown up on… These things are all worth putting into perspective. Quarantined to my house with little people who feel yuck, loads of throw-up laundry to wash.  But really, I feel so blessed.  Blessed that I am here with my kids.  That I can gently take care of them.  Thankful that both kids are sick at the same time, so that I am not paranoid about them being in the same room.  And because hopefully, they will both get better soon, instead of being sick in shifts. Thankful that they are so tired, which means I get a nap.  And thankful for all the extra snuggling I have been getting.  So thankful that my daughter has such a great attitude even when she is sick. Generally, she’s been doing a great job of being sick, explaining herself, even being sad, without being grumpy.  (Which makes me think that complaining really is optional. Makes me reevaluate MY attitude.) Thankful to live in a country where things like Tylenol can be easily accessed. Thankful to have clean drinking water.

And it makes me think,  I am so glad my kids aren’t sick ALL the time.  And I am so thankful that usually they can eat pretty much anything.

And it makes me think, I want to let hard times remind me of all the blessing that I DO have.  Instead of making my heart grumble, I want my heart to respond with awe at all the blessing God has given me.

…Little kissable cheeks, heavily blinking eyes, and naps…..
~I think I’m going to sleep now~
Snuggly nap with her “pfamily” of animals