Today I begin my four week series on my journey as an “almost Vegan.”  The first thing I should probably talk about in this series is why I’m doing this month long vegan journey.  As I have researched and pondered giving up all animal products, to focus on eating mainly raw foods and whole foods, I have found some great reasons to do what I’m doing. 

Here’s a list of a few of the reasons that a person might do something crazy like this: 
1. To save animals from cruelty. 
2. Because eating vegan seriously reduces your “carbon footprint.” 
3. Because when you eat meat, it rots in your intestines for 3-4 days. Imagine leaving a bowl of meat, eggs, milk, and fish in your garage for three or four days in 98 degree weather.   Basically the same thing. Eeeeew. 
4. Being a *high raw* vegan is supposed to reduce or eliminate your body oder… as you can imagine after reading number three.

 As dramatic as some of these are, none of these were it for me. The reason I wanted to try this for a month was for health reasons. The more research I do, the more I find that most people who eat whole food diets (in other words, food from the ground, that has been minimally processed) are pretty dang healthy. They tell stories of doing all sorts of things, like reversing and/or curing  heart disease, diabetes, even stage four cancer, and all sorts of other stuff.  Most people who eat like this say things like, “I never get sick!” and “I have tons of energy!”  Because I am a cause and effect kind of a girl, I believe most of these stories.  I think if you give your body good tools, it will use them.  If you stoping putting crap in your body, you will probably stop feeling like crap.  What does that have to do with me? Well, I don’t have cancer or heart disease. I have only ever had gestational diabetes, but they say that if you had GD you have at least a 50% chance of getting full fledged diabetes later on in life.  And I do “love me some sugar!” So I want to see how my body functions when I am eating like this. I want to get my body to a bit better place before I get pregnant again.  I want to see if some of my minor problems disappear.   

“Minor” problems I want to see vanish:
 Constant congestion. 
Constant need to pop my ears. (probably due to constant congestion) 
My tendency to get sick for 6-8 weeks of the winter. 
Being easily tired out, feeling like crap for no explainable reason. 
Eczema on my foot. (I know, kinda weird but it’s only on one foot.) 
The extra Christmas pound.  Ok, fine. *Pounds.*  Ya happy now? 

By the end of Christmas break my eczema on my food had flared up pretty bad. After a week of veganism it is already back to its fairly dormant winter stage. (It usualky takes 2-4 weeks to get it under control in the winter. ) I’d love to see it all the way gone though.  Through out the next month, I’ll let you know how everything else goes. 

Remember, next Tuesday I’ll be starting my “becoming mom” serious and next Thursday or Friday I’ll be continuing today’s dialog. 

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  1. MooreUpdates January 11, 2012 at 10:20 am - Reply

    hey – you might like the book i LOVE – nourishing traditions by sally fallon. also – have you ever tried going gluten free? a lot of you symptoms are chronic symptoms often caused by wheat and gluten – which our body cannot properly process. It's actually the fat in properly fed animals (butters, milk cultures, etc) that enable our bodies to absorb nutrients. Anyway – just a thought. Another book you would probably love is called "wheat belly." i have actually never seen a healthy vegan – ever – and they are the stinkiest people i have ever been around…maybe the ones i know don't bathe? eczema and congestion are (i'm 99% postitive) a result of the bodies inability to process carbohydrates and grains – wheat and gluten being the worst…who knows – maybe it can be your experiment for next month?
    love you.

  2. MaryElizabeth January 11, 2012 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    haha! Thats great to hear. :/ Oh dear.
    I think your vegans don't take baths!
    I would love to read those books.

    I will definitely keep you updated on my experiment, and maybe I will try a few weeks gluten free to see how that affects me as well. (February's experiment??)

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