Football teams sometimes have bi-weeks, where they have the week off to rest and work on their strategies.   Although I haven’t worked to much on strategies, I have felt like this week should be my bi-week.  Why?  Because my kids have been sick.  They want me to hold them all day long, which means I can’t get anything done.  It also means I haven’t been sleeping as much at night.  Also, my dear friend came home from China, which meant a late night at the airport and random errand running with her yesterday.   But I have been missing my blog,  so I thought I’d share a few pictures.  Friday I plan to be back to my normal blogging.  Hopefully by then my kids will be back to normal, too.

I went shopping and found some amazing dresses a few weeks ago.  The grey and black one is my favorite!  I wish I had found it when I was engaged, it would have been a great dress for my bridesmaids.  I also found some great shirts.  I didn’t buy any of them yet, but I really liked them.
 It’s great to go shopping without any kids once in a while!

We did some hand-me-down moddeling.  Usually Little Miss likes trying on a hundred things, but not always. This time she was super grumpy, but I love these pictures because they are so Napoleon Dynamite.  “These clothes hurt my lips, real bad.”

This week I learned that party hats are a great way to make a day more fun.  Also a great way to make your kids fight, if you have less hats than you have kids. 

 It’s nap time, but nobody is sleeping.  I came into the room and little miss had crawled in the crib with her brother.  I came in to make sure she was in bed, and found them snuggled with the cozy blankie.  I told them they looked cute and she said, “You better go get your camera and take a picture.”  Nice.

Ok, dear readers, I’ll see you in a few days!  Friday I’ll be back with a few recipes, and some conclusion to my vegan journey.
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