Have you ever noticed how hard it is to be still?  The dishes are calling, so is Facebook. The laundry must be done and there are a hundred things you should or could be doing at any given moment. Often times I can’t really even sit down to think things through without coming very close to falling asleep. I feel like a lot of this busyness comes from habit, not from necessity. Yes, I’m pretty much busy all the time. But I must choose to take moments to breathe. To stop and reflect. I need moments to pray for my children, my husband, my community. Solitude is a key to hearing the voice of God.  For me, solitude is a key part of me being sane for my children, being patient, and making rational decisions.

I’m a mom, of toddlers none the less. I find that stillness isn’t the world stopping so I can have my little moment.  It is a moment where I choose not to do the dishes, while having music on, and mentally sorting through the hundred details of the day.  Instead, I choose to just do the dishes and have peace for a few moments.  It’s when I take a few minutes to hold my girly before she goes to bed, instead of worrying about her getting “spoiled” and wanting me to hold her till she’s fast asleep every night.  It’s me leaving my phone in the other room so that I’m not checking Facebook every two minutes while we are working on school.

Stillness is found not in having two hours to go to the beach every day and journal, although that does sound lovely.  Stillness is found in taking little moments throughout the day.  Turning my eyes toward God.  Embracing the fruit of the Spirit.  Stillness is found in closing the computer, turning off pandora, and just having some “media silence.”  Thinking over what God is doing in my life.  Asking God to teach me how to be a mom.  I often take a deep breath and let it out, reflecting that I am not in control of life.  (Although I do strive to maintain control within my home!)  In a breath I whisper “Oh Father, I need wisdom from heaven!  I have no idea how to raise children.”

Stillness doesn’t mean that my world stops spinning.  It just means that I turn my focus to the one who never shifts or changes.

Now, I’m going to close this computer and have at least one minute of stillness!

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  1. bethanybelisa February 29, 2012 at 11:23 pm - Reply

    I really love this post. AND I really LOVE YOU! xo

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