Sick of being sick

Hi.  Life around here has been pretty interesting the last two weeks.  Josh was gone for a week on business.  While he was gone Brother was sick.  As soon as Josh got home Sister got sick.  Then I got sick.  I had it coming though: I’ve been eating up sugar like its going out of style.  Now I pay the price.
*Note to self:  The one thing kids love to share  is germs.*

We are so sick of being sick!  I think we have watched more Dora, Diego and Curious George in the last week then we have all year combined.  We also had a day of outdoor work.  I was hoping all that fresh air and sunshine would give us a serious health boost.  It was a nice try, but didn’t really work for Bro and I.  Now we are all just resting lots and avoiding any social contact, so that no one else has to be miserable like we are.

I really wanted to share pictures I had of a new cake recipe I came up with.  It is the kind of cake that people who don’t even like cake will like.  But in light of being sick and not eating any sugar right now, I decided to save it for another post.  Have a great day!

Bro sleeping.  I love how cute kids are when they are sleeping.

Sister learning how to use a saw.  I’m not really sure I want her knowing how to use one at this point, but I love seeing her work with Josh.  


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  1. Happily Grateful April 17, 2012 at 10:55 pm - Reply

    so cute! hope your feeling better!

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