Winter is almost over!

Winter’s coming to an end.  Not that it was very extreme this year.  I keep waiting for a blizzard or a two week cold front of below zero.  I’m afraid it will happen in April or May, as thought suddenly the elements would realize that they forgot to grace us with their presence, and come back for a surprise and untimely visit.  Nonetheless, winter is coming to a close.  This week we celebrated impeding spring by having an indoor picnic.  I wish I would have thought of this earlier.  Next year we will definitely have indoor picnics throughout the winter to keep everyone sane.
We packed a basket with grapes, clementines, toast, chips, and three bottles of juice.

Old jelly jars make for great drinking glasses.  You can drink out of them, and then put the lid back on in case anyone knocks it over.  
Table maners give way to excitement.  Picnics are all about fun, right?  Or at least mainly.
This was a great opportunity to use the “Recycled Milk Jug” plates that the kids got for Christmas. (we bought them here.)  Also a great excuse to eat healthy snacky foods for lunch instead of something more mature.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want this for lunch?
One of the great things about the picnic was how easy it made clean up!  No messy tables, just throw all the scraps back into the picnic basket. 
Another sign of impeding spring is Tax Returns.  Yay!  We were able to buy some lamps, pillows, end tables, and a comforter that fits our bed!  (Prior to this we had mismatched blankets that were all twin, spread over our bed in some type of blanket tetanus, and covered with one beautiful queen sized quilt.  Which meant that any time either of us turned over during the night the other one got a draft of nice cold air!)
I figured I would include a before picture of our bedroom when we moved in last year, and one of how it looks now.
BEFORE: It looks like a Chinese Buffet
Current: It feels like an expensive motel
Next step: Curtains for our large, beautiful windows.
So we don’t have to go into the hall every time we want to get dressed!

Speaking of home improvement and “nesting” type things, my daughter has been nesting.  No, really.  She had me build a “nest” on her bed, and slept in it the last few days.  She informed me that she is a “birdie.”  She’s over it now.  She on to being obsessed with turtles.  It was cute while it lasted though.

Final cuteness.  Look at this chocolate covered cuteness!  I found this picture as I was deleting through pictures in my phone.  And had to share it, just for kicks!

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