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Have you ever noticed how hard it is to be still?  The dishes are calling, so is Facebook. The laundry must be done and there are a hundred things you should or could be doing

Happy Love Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day!  It's a great day to let someone know that you love them.  Something creative, a short note, a tasty treat.  Make sure that you let someone know they are special.  It's great


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Football teams sometimes have bi-weeks, where they have the week off to rest and work on their strategies.   Although I haven't worked to much on strategies, I have felt like this week should be

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Merry Christmas!  I hope your Christmas was filled with plenty of love, reflection, and laughter.  My Christmas was lovely.  As everything else in my life, it was filled with the humor that only a three

Cupcakes, again

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Do you know how hard it is to get one, halfway decent, mainly clear picture of two non-stop toddlers to send to grandma?  Ah, yes.  Yes.  You probably do.  Oh well. Good thing toddlers are