Holiday Rush

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It's the holiday season.  Merry Christmas!Holidays always feel crazy to me.  Too much to do, too many opportunities, not enough money or time, or creative energy.  Too much to eat, not enough burning calories.  Are

Pumkpins and Such

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Fall has come.  Tree leaves are slowly starting to change colors, rain and clouds have been visiting more often than usual, and pumpkins are on my mind.  I have been thinking of making pumpkin cupcakes

Summer into Fall

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So I have been Gone.  Gone from writing any of my unorganized chaotic thoughts into a sensible, punctuated blog entry.  And now I'm back.  Mainly having to do with this:  every time that I visit

This Week: Cupcakes!

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This week I did two different types of homemade cupcakes, with two homemade frostings.  I did all of these cupcakes, about 5 dozen, on the same day.  Death by powdered sugar!  Unlike typical "Mary Style,"


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I have said that I want to be doing new things and trying new things every week. Generally what I mean is cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, and the like.  But last week, my new thing

Cookies, round one.

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Hello. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the women who "make the world go 'round".Yesterday I followed through with my "more domestic and creative me," by making cookies.  I was wanting to make cupcakes, but

Soup Week

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So, as I may have hinted, I am really wanting to start cooking and baking more!  It saves money, and it makes being home seem fun!  Plus, the more yummy food you have at home,