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Life Journeys

Things in my heart and my mind.

Life Journeys is a place where the heart is free to explore.  These blogs come from the depth of my soul, the spinning of my brain.  I share my thoughts of life and love.  The things that blow my mind as I am seeking to be someone who is full of kindness, faithfulness, and strength. Sometimes you’ll find my responses to current events.  Other weeks you’ll find a compilation of verses and meditations that have been heavy on my soul. This is the part of the blog where that 19 year old dreamer, painter, song writer, journaling, beach-bum-wanna-be version of me shines through the practical, mother of four, don’t have loads of extra time but do have loads of extra laundry me.  This is where the day to day super-hero side of Martha must stand down to let the heart of Mary show through.  “She has chosen Me, and that can’t be taken from her,”  Jesus said of Mary.  Life Journeys is where we still our hearts long enough to chose Jesus, so that even in our day to day workings, we have something that can’t be taken from us.

Life. Love.  Peace.


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What Good Friends know about being a Good Friend. Part Two.

Today we continue looking at what people who are good at being a friend have to say about being a friend. All of these beautiful insights are in response to, "How do you be a good friend?  What is important in friendship? Share your thoughts on how to become an awesome friend."  Here is what some rock solid women in my life replied to this question: Becoming a Good Friend: "Honestly, I have sat with the Lord on more than a few occasions and cried sincere tears of sorrow because I was facing a situation that displayed my inability to be a good friend. It was in those moments of despair (not being dramatic, I was completely despairing) that I cried and asked God to change me and make me a better friend. So He has! And I love that that meant making changes that would not only help in friendship, but in my jobs, my family and my overall outlook of myself. He gave me security in Him. It was important for me to realize that if I did not become strong and healthy emotionally that I would never be very good at friendships. In fact, without emotional health I would forever be the "needy" one in the relationship. I actually hated it when I began to see a pattern of meeting with friends and me always crying about my hardships. I hated that I didn't give them time pour out their hurts and pains,  but I seemed to dominate the time together. So that was the first step for me: Get health emotionally so that I can help my friends. Another thing that I have been learning is not being self-seeking. It has no good end to it. It has been strange to understand the difference between working to get myself healthy (learning to look out for myself and be confident) yet not being self-seeking. The one thing I have found to be important in this equation is humility. Being humble enough to not get crazy anxious about something I have done wrong, instead go to the Lord for my security (not being self-sufficient) and then going to the person I have wronged. Also knowing when it is not important to fight for what I want."     What you need for Friendship: "First what you need is just a real love for Jesus and people. To want to be encouraging, helpful, to draw them closer to Jesus. To do what I'd like someone to do for me if I was in that position. The Lord puts people on my heart and he also gives me love for them. Not always straight away, so I have to seek the Lord for that. Encouragement is one powerful weapon against the enemy , so I'll find ways to do that. It means laying your life down. Not expecting anything back."     Practical Advice for Cultivating Friendships: "I run into woman feeling a lot like they don't have any

May 12th|

Friendship -Ugly truth

People sometimes talk about the ugly truth...Well, there is something to be said for being honest.  For being able to be real and open with the people

How to Accidentally make Friends

There's just SO MUCH to talk about when it comes to relationship and friendship. Today I want to talk about some elements to developing friends and to

~ Friendship Series ~

A blog series on friendship... This all started with me seeing an old college friend over the weekend. Wow. If that doesn't make me sound old. Anyways.

Kindness, together

Kindness, together As simple as it sounds, I love kindness. Kindness in the words chosen, kindness in the tone of voice. Even in adults. Especially in adults.  The


Racial tension. Transgender people needing to feel safe in bathrooms. Mothers of young children needing to feel safe in bathrooms. Donald Trump. Hilary Clinton. Artificial intelligence. Global warming.

“Love will make us brave.”

-We are Leo  

“Spirit take me where my trust is without borders.  

Let me walk upon the waters. Wherever you would call. ” 

-Hillsong United

“Your word alive I feel my heart awaken.  

Now I know your love!”

-The Spark

“I want to know Christ, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings. Becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow to attain the resurrection of the dead. “
The Apostle Paul
“Chose Life. Speak Life. Give Life.
Choose Grace. Speak Grace. Give Grace.”
Choices we make everyday