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Life Journeys

Things in my heart and my mind.

Life Journeys is a place where the heart is free to explore.  These blogs come from the depth of my soul, the spinning of my brain.  I share my thoughts of life and love.  The things that blow my mind as I am seeking to be someone who is full of kindness, faithfulness, and strength. Sometimes you’ll find my responses to current events.  Other weeks you’ll find a compilation of verses and meditations that have been heavy on my soul. This is the part of the blog where that 19 year old dreamer, painter, song writer, journaling, beach-bum-wanna-be version of me shines through the practical, mother of four, don’t have loads of extra time but do have loads of extra laundry me.  This is where the day to day super-hero side of Martha must stand down to let the heart of Mary show through.  “She has chosen Me, and that can’t be taken from her,”  Jesus said of Mary.  Life Journeys is where we still our hearts long enough to chose Jesus, so that even in our day to day workings, we have something that can’t be taken from us.

Life. Love.  Peace.


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What Good Friends know about being a Good Friend. Part One

People who are Good Friends As I prepared for this series, I wrote to about 15 people who I have observed being good friends to people, and asked them what it means to be a good friend.  What does friendship look like? How do you be a friend? What is important in friendship?  Today I am going to dive through some of the answers I received from them. But first... As I began compiling my list of  who to write for advice regarding friendship, I noticed some things about the people who ended up on my list. These people are both men and women, are a variety of ages, and are from at least three different countries.  But as I began to email these lovely people, I noticed a few common threads that I saw in them... Characteristics of Friendly people Kind to everyone. Friendly people can be kind to anyone. Everyone.  They make others feel at ease, and are often willing to make an effort to connect. Have a tight circle. Generally, people who are good, faithful friends, don't spread themselves too thin.  They are friendly to all, kind, but they have a smaller circle of very close friends.  These people are clearly significant in their lives, and they are able to be a great friend to these people because they aren't trying to be everyone in the world's BFF. They are willing to give people a shot. Even if you aren't in their "tight circle," they are willing to hang out when they have the time.  They might be willing to grab a coffee, or maybe help someone who's moving, or offer hospitality.  They are secure enough that they don't try to make every opportunity into a new best friend, but they are also willing to develop new friendships when they present themselves. (Listen, people are a gamble.  You have to take a chance on them. Making little investments into other people will build really lovely acquaintances over a period of time. Or, these little investments might bring you a new friend.)   From the Mouths of Friendly People   One of my favorite people EVER, someone who was the first person who I knew to be a truly good friend to me wrote this: "If you want to have a friend, be a friend!... It's simple things like texting And calling to see how things are or arrange coffee. And being conscious to not talk about yourself the whole time but to listen and empathise with what others are saying."  She also talked about having fun.  This is something I feel like people can forget about as adults.  Go do fun stuff with the people you love.  Go do fun stuff with the people that you are getting to know.  Food and coffee are great ways to connect, but also, go have fun with people. Regarding motherhood, she wrote: "It can be a very isolating time, but after 6 months of basically going crazy with a newborn, I decided

May 12th|

Kingdom of Heaven

The greater things of universe, time and space, I cannot fully grasp. The news? Terrifying as usual. Maybe even a little extra lately.But I just keep looking at

Hello Again

Well hello there.  It's been a while.  Crazy.  I've had a baby, killed a plant, been a doula, shoveled some snow, and soaked up some sun.  I've dealt

“Love will make us brave.”

-We are Leo  

“Spirit take me where my trust is without borders.  

Let me walk upon the waters. Wherever you would call. ” 

-Hillsong United

“Your word alive I feel my heart awaken.  

Now I know your love!”

-The Spark

“I want to know Christ, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings. Becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow to attain the resurrection of the dead. “
The Apostle Paul
“Chose Life. Speak Life. Give Life.
Choose Grace. Speak Grace. Give Grace.”
Choices we make everyday