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Grab your cup of coffee, I’ve already got mine, and sneak away for a minute to read parenting stories, thoughts on life, and maybe have a laugh.  One of the most vital things in my life as I have grown into motherhood is having a community of moms surrounding me.  Getting tips on parenting, sharing stories of mishaps. Reminding me to chill out, focus on what maters, and that the hardships I face in parenting are things that other people have gone through too.  My hope for this site is that I can in a small way become a part of your motherhood community, sharing my own journeys, mis-adventures in motherhood, and encouragement with you.

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First is the Worst

My husband has a saying.  "First is the worst, second is the best."  He mainly says it when he's just lost at something.  Generally, I think the saying

~What we didn’t expect~

We have a little one on the way!  He/She may be a Valentine's baby.  At any rate, we are very excited.  I guess it would be sufficient to

Sick of being sick

Hi.  Life around here has been pretty interesting the last two weeks.  Josh was gone for a week on business.  While he was gone Brother was sick.  As

Vegan meals for non-vegans

I realize that I never officially ended my Vegan Journey series.  Maybe I will do that sometime.  For now.... I was reading an article on saving money, and one

Winter is almost over!

Winter's coming to an end.  Not that it was very extreme this year.  I keep waiting for a blizzard or a two week cold front of below zero.


Have you ever noticed how hard it is to be still?  The dishes are calling, so is Facebook. The laundry must be done and there are a hundred