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Thoughts on parenting, life, and surviving enthusiastic children.

Grab your cup of coffee, I’ve already got mine, and sneak away for a minute to read parenting stories, thoughts on life, and maybe have a laugh.  One of the most vital things in my life as I have grown into motherhood is having a community of moms surrounding me.  Getting tips on parenting, sharing stories of mishaps. Reminding me to chill out, focus on what maters, and that the hardships I face in parenting are things that other people have gone through too.  My hope for this site is that I can in a small way become a part of your motherhood community, sharing my own journeys, mis-adventures in motherhood, and encouragement with you.

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Becoming Mom~ Fear

A lot about parenting has to do with choices.  Many of these choices can be made due to fear...  Fear of problems if you do vaccinate.  Fear of

Vegan Journey, Week two

I am happy to announce to you that winter finally came to town.  I think we got 4-8 inches of snow, and its bitter cold outside.  We ghetto

Becoming Mommy Intro

Motherhood.  Welcome to motherhood.Becoming parents isn't the easiest thing.  Well, getting pregnant is usually pretty easy.  Its the rest of your life that could be challenging.  Challenging, but

(Vegan) Recipes of the Week*

Vegan Butternut squash soupI love butternut squash soup! It's warm and delightful. A modern comfort food.  Here's my vegan version of this favorite... Made with acorn squash! ;)1

Today I begin my four week series on my journey as an "almost Vegan."  The first thing I should probably talk about in this series is why I'm

2012… its a New Year

Happy New Year Everybody!A New Year.  How exciting is that? I think I am more excited for a FRESH BEGINNING this year than I have ever been in

Merry Christmas!  I hope your Christmas was filled with plenty of love, reflection, and laughter.  My Christmas was lovely.  As everything else in my life, it was filled

Cupcakes, again

Do you know how hard it is to get one, halfway decent, mainly clear picture of two non-stop toddlers to send to grandma?  Ah, yes.  Yes.  You probably